Electric violin

Electric Violin LS Series

Electric Violins are the electrical version of the ever-famed Violin.

This version of the Violin incorporates the exact same working as an Electric Guitar, and is used in a wide variety of music. It's most notable feature is the ability to be played like a Guitar.


The first Electric Violin was intoduced at Electronic Media Express Expo on June 3rd, 2000. While initially a product that bared no resembelence to the actual instruments, body work was done to make the instrument resemble a Violin. The Electric Violin can be played without being plugged into an amp, but can be plugged in for an electric burst. In doing so, this instrument can incorporate Rock and Metal into their playing.

Currently, only one company makes Electric Violins.

Electric Violins come in an assortment of five colors; White, Red, Blue, Black, and Wood finish (standard Violin look)