Hey there little brother, its Mikey. How have you and Elise been? You still with her? Well you better not have destroyed my home I left you and Eric. Anyway you told me to send you this E-mail detailing how i passed To join the NZSAS, I was required to pass a ten-day selection course. In Selection, as it is known to our company, can be described as mental and physical torture.

The first day I did was all of the fitness tests, completed to the standard. This was followed by three days of open country navigation while I carryied a 35 kg pack and rifle, with a minimum of food and sleep. The hardest we did were exercises in the notorious 'Exercise Von Tempsky' which is executed on the fifth day of selection course. Von Tempsky consists of 24 hours of marching in either a swamp or sand dunes while carrying rifles and two 20-litre jerrycans and a 40 kg pack. The final exercise was a 65-kilometre march, carrying a 30 kg pack, web gear and rifle,that I completed in under 13 hours.

Even when me and the other candidates made it through the selection course, We had to pass psychological, medical and academic tests plus others I can not say, to be chosen for the nine-month SAS training course. We received the SAS beret and Corps belt when we successfully completed the nine month cycle of training.

I was Honored when i made second and later first lieutenant, Because on average only 10–15% of candidates pass both the selection and cycle training.

Sincerely. Mike Raniero

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