Every year somebody says the world will end. For instance in December 1999 thousands of otherwise normal people belived that disaster would strike on Y2K or the year 2000, the world did'nt end. But to others it was just a dress rehersal, tens of thousounds of people beleive a global disaster will occur on december 21, 2012.

Mayan CalanderEdit

First is the Mayan calander, It is actually built as a large system of calanders, it is a ceremonial calander that creates a "LONG COUNT" the long count began in august, 3114 BC and it ends in December 21, 2012 AD. In the Maya tradition, this day marks a new spirtual age transition (Changing Era). The Renaissance is a example of an era movement that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to the 17th century, beginning in Italy and later spreading to the rest of Europe. Maya tradionalists belive the year will trigger a positive age of spiritual growth, and people are misinterperiting the calanders end.

Sun Spot Shower (SSS)Edit

Secondly, consiracy theorists are concernd about sun spots, dark areas of the suns exterior. Over 11-14 years the sun reverses its polerity in a process called the sun spot cycle. Solar flares are produced, the last occured on 2001, the next is due in 2012-2014. Also a large solar shower may occour

My thoughts on these two.Edit

Both the Mayan Calander and the solar flare occour in 2012, could this be more than a coincidence? Skeptics point out that most conspiracy nuts miss interperut the Mayan Calander and sun spot cycles are notoriously hard to predict. So what if something does Happen? A large solar storm can interupt the powergrid stranding astronaugts in space and forcing satalites out of orbit. This has happened before.

These are the leftover theories.Edit

Some beleive that a mysterious planet (Planet X) will enter our solar system coliding with earth, and will even be bearing aleins. Other theorists belive that a shadowy group known as the Illuminati will try to annex the world in 2012. These Illuminati are considered by some to be working with aliens or the Devil.


As you can or should imagine, their is no proof of these theories. Some get even stranger and more crop up each year.

So what will happen on december 21 2012? A series of natural disasters? like a burst of solar radiation or an astroroid impact? Aleins and ancient prophercy? Or will it simply be another day.

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