Our life is just a horrid existence that is founded and based on our illusory conception of grandeur. Why do we seek money, fame, recognition, knowledge, and friendship/love if that is useless in the long run? Do we have even have a purpose or are we just put here to stare at reality, space, and time for a moment until everything becomes blank? Why have we fought so hard for something meaningless and became a environmental hazard? Was it to leave a mark before we go into the afterlife? Why do we seek to study universe, ameliorate the propogation of our species, and endeavor to reconcile the hope that this drudgery called existence has foisted upon us? Are we just an experiment gone wrong, an aimless conglomeracy that is corrupted with each passing year, a society that is just glaring in blissful ignorance obstinate despite our knowledge of the final cause? Are we meaningless with every futile attempt to enlighten ourselves being the impetus that has gave us claim to the title that has been conferred upon us? Who likes Chinese food? Lo Mein with some Fried Rice and General Tso's Chicken is my favorite combination. What's yours?